The Management of Wind Power Korea have been equipped with strong passion & commitment and long-time experiences on renewable energy development.

John Park , Chairman/CEO, has lead the team with strenuous entrepreneurship and extensive experiences in renewable energy development, and has BSc of Economics and MBA.

KW Suh, President/COO, has accumulated various renewable energy development experiences since 2000, and has acquired BSc of Chemical Engineering and also Professional Engineer of Plant Engineering.

J.I. Park, CTO/VP, has an extensive experiences in design, project management, sales engineering on offshore & shipbuilding and technical engineering in wind turbine over 39 year, and BSc of Mechanical Engineering.

J. Y. Oh, CMO/VP, has extensive experience in business development in various industry while having a strong networking with all stakeholders including fisheries and regulators over 35 years.

D. J. Shin, Business Planning/VP, has extensive experiences in various positions in marketing, business development and Project Management over 35 years.